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    title NATURE LOVE MERE sets the standard for selecting eco-friendly baby products.
    date 2019-05-29

    NATURE LOVE MERE (CEO Seo Jung-eun), an eco-friendly baby product brand, has been honored with the Brand Power Award for the third consecutive year as it has drawn attention from female consumers amid the growing trend of luxury in the baby product market following the recent fall in the birth rate.


    NATURE LOVE MERE has topped the Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index for the fifth consecutive year in the category of diapers for baby products, certified Rojas for the sixth consecutive year, and been named this year's hit product for the third consecutive year. It has been awarded to the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy for the first time in the industry for the 2016 Green Management Awards, while also receiving certification for eco-friendly products through the certification of infant detergent (environmental signs).




    In addition to diapers, Sumi, a corporation that showcases NATURE LOVE MERE, has been strengthening its product lineup by releasing about 100 products for infants, including detergents. Recently, the company has been expanding its business by launching a women's sanitary product brand (Moromera) with "Singer Hong Jin-young" as a model and a household goods brand (Perfect Trudy) with "Gagwoman Jung Kyung-mi."




    South Korea's baby hygiene products are worth 700 billion won per year, recording around 1 percent growth every year. In particular, the recent controversy over harmful ingredients in various consumer products is expected to continue to draw attention from consumers.




    "NATURE LOVE MERE, which uses natural ingredients as its main ingredient, has won consumer confidence as it is rated as a quality that can be assured of no harmful substance, and as the preference for eco-friendly products is increasing, inquiries are being made in overseas markets as well," said Lee Joon-young, head of the trade team.




    In the growth of online and mobile sales, Sumi is also circulating at major online shopping malls such as Coupang and 11th Street and has its own online malls and mobile applications. "Because it is easy to purchase products at the fair site price through its own application, it is especially popular among young customers." said a representative for NATURE LOVE MERE.




    NATURE LOVE MERE currently exports its products to more than 10 countries, including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Russia and Mongolia as well as Korea, while all of its products are available at local social commerce and open markets, its online malls and baby pairs, and can also be purchased at Starfield and Pierrot stores across the country.