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    title [2018 Hit Product] NATURE LOVE MERE, selected as eco-friendly slim diaper for three consecutive year
    date 2019-05-29

    The NATURE LOVE MERE Slim diaper, which has been selected as the hit product of the year for three consecutive years, is famous among children's mothers for its diapers containing six suspected harmful substances: fluorescence, chlorine, bleaching, cancer, toxic substances and nature without heavy metals.



    NATURE LOVE MERE 'Slim Diaper' complements the thick material of existing diapers and is a new slim (band/panty) product for the skin of a child's butt

    It's the bosom. With its 0.3cm ultra-slim shape and amazing absorption, it's light and comfortable to wear, and it quickly absorbs urine with its quick absorption, protecting our child's fragile skin.


    A lint-free, net cotton-sensitive premium coat cover gently covers the baby's belly and waist with antibacterial diapers that have been verified by the Korea Institute for Testing and Testing of Heavy Metal and Antibiotics by the Korea Institute for Testing and Antibiotics.



    It is also useful for children who are active because they don't worry about flowing down with a double-enhanced waist tension. The detachments, which cover up to each part of the skin, have been applied with a convenient round hook and airhole triple-seat, and improve ventilation to prevent clotting of baby buttocks and sheets," a company official said.



    Sumi (CEO Seo Jeong-eun), which introduces NATURE LOVE MERE, a brand specializing in eco-friendly baby products, has been leading eco-friendly management since its establishment in 2013 by releasing slim-type eco-type diapers and wipes, infant original detergent, fiber-flexing agents, dishwashing, bottle cleaning agents and skin care products.



    NATURE LOVE MERE has topped the Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index for the fifth consecutive year in the category of diapers for baby products, certified Rojas for the sixth consecutive year, and been named this year's hit product for the third consecutive year. It received a commendation from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy for the 2016 Green Management Award and received certification for eco-friendly products through the certification of infant detergent eco-friendly (environmental signs).



    All of NATURE LOVE MERE's products are available at local social commerce and open markets, its online malls and baby fairs, and are also available at Starfield and Pierrot stores across the country.