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    title NATURE LOVE MERE Accelerates the Attack of Mongolian Market to Begin European Progress.
    date 2019-05-29

    Following the entry of premium eco-friendly baby product brand NATURE LOVE MERE into the Mongolian market, it has even completed an exhibition of baby products.


    Starting with the first export worth US$300,000, Sumi has joined hands with local retail giant Nomin Group to promote premium baby products in the Mongolian market.


    It is speeding up its efforts to tap into the Mongolian market by distributing Maromera (Physiology University).




    The No Min Group is Mongolia's three largest groups focusing on distribution, trade, finance, real estate, manufacturing and auto sales, and even has a number of franchises, including L'Oreal, Mango, Terranova and Century.


    "NATURE LOVE MERE" by Sumi considers safety of children a top priority and uses eco-friendly raw materials to produce products.




    Maromera products, a brand of women's hygiene products, are sold throughout Mongolia along with baby products as reliable new women's products that care about ingredients for women whose pain is doubled to non-fitting sanitary pads on a sensitive day.


    It has cast renowned Mongolian entertainers Amarkhuu.B. (man) and Ariunzul.O (woman) as models and is promoting eco-friendly brands, and is also focusing on local marketing such as live broadcasting of the exhibition site through SNS.


    A company official said, "We are currently exporting to about 10 countries, including China, Russia, Taiwan and Vietnam, and love calls are coming from around the world. We are also preparing to enter the European market in the future," he said.




    Meanwhile, all of Nature LoveMere's products can be found in social commerce, open markets and general malls, its website and applications, and Starfield and Pierrot stores across the country.