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    title NATURE LOVE MERE won the National Sustainable Development Pro-Western Economic Products Award.
    date 2019-11-11

    Nature Love Mere (CEO Seo Jeong-eun), a brand that loves nature and protects the environment, is a company that makes baby products for babies and mothers such as diapers and baby detergents. These days, as the severity of various environmental problems has increased, mothers are constantly researching and developing products to make products that their mothers and children can trust and use based on the management concept of "the future is nature and the environment."

    All of Nature LoveMere's products have secured trust in their products through various safety certifications and have passed various rigorous tests to produce products that can be used with confidence. It offers products at reasonable prices so that better products can be used by more mothers, and continues to sponsor various welfare institutions to return love to underprivileged mothers and children, such as single mothers' facilities, nurseries and welfare centers, for various social contribution activities.

    "We believe that we were able to win the National Sustainable Development Pro-Economic Products Award in recognition of our efforts and philosophy for our children and the environment, and we will continue to develop and introduce products that are more environmentally conscious to our customers," said a Nature Lovemere official.

    [출처] 이투데이: http://www.etoday.co.kr/news/section/newsview.php?idxno=1766038#csidx285b9059a5a4bd4bb8d9668adac5a22