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    title 019 Keyword is 'Beauty of Empty' and 'Natural Origin' Single Products Are Popular
    date 2019-11-11

    Starting with the "philic environment" craze, the industry in 2019, mostly focused on "began beauty," which shuns animal testing and pursues plant ingredients, "clean beauty," which excludes harmful ingredients, and even organic and eco-friendly products, thinking about and taking away the environment rather than adding something.

    The popularity of single items with a single source of natural origin is also increasing. Unlike ordinary products, which consist of dozens of ingredients, the nature-originated single-component items have the advantage of protecting the environment and maximizing the effectiveness of a single ingredient. Introduce natural origin ingredients products that attract consumers' attention

    ■ Duty Free '100 Mask'
    The "100 Mask" of the skin care brand Duty Free, which increases the natural strength of the skin, is a single best-looking sheet mask that excludes harmful ingredients and tightly contains only one natural extract. It consists of four types that contain only Manchurian birch leaves, bottle grass, pomegranate and hibiscus flower extracts, and helps to solve various skin problems such as dryness, sensitivity, wheedling, and pu-seok. In addition, the mucine sheet containing eucalyptus, cottonseed and seaweed holds the non-incremental ampoule tightly without flowing, and is transparently dense to the skin, conveying the moisture and nutrients of the natural extract ampule for a long time.

    ■ Titir 'Soon Rosemary Essence'
    Tertir's "Soon Rosemary Essence" is a skin care product that contains only rosemary extracts that were created after repeated extraction of rosemary from Jeju three times, which helps anti-oxidization and sedation effects. It also provides a moisturizer full of skin and is gently adhered to without any stickyness, allowing sensitive skin to be used without worrying about irritation. Pure Rosemary Essence completed a human application test and was declared ineligible.

    ■ Nature 'baby food, vegetables, grains' grain.
    100 % organic grain of Nature capture without additive material from local organic vegetables, grains, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, pumpkin products is raising eyebrows. Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, Nature grain is located in powder, vegetables, grains, vegetables and organic baby food cycle, brown rice, rice grain powder stick and the cookies and cakes ppeongPopular among a difficult mother. Simple packing easy to take on a stick used and vegetables and flour, salt, sugar, salt, preservatives, antiseptic doesn't add to the the reproduce with complete fidelity. The process of cleaning, repair, blanching noisy material, grooming one packing stick in an idea, so that mothers can be easily making baby food product.

    ■ NATURE LOVE MERE 'Bambu & Corn Panty'
    Non woven bamboo and corn is green panty cone Bamboo and diapers of the Mothercare out of Nature love mere of minimizing skin irritation and nature of the child using the film.Improve the comfort ventilation in the product. Eeoring with honeycomb embo releases heat and humidity, air is passed carefully to help protect the baby's skin produced.