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    title Introducing a dedicated product for the child, participating in the Baby Fair and draw the attention
    date 2019-11-11

    With the Baby Fair, which specializes in baby care products, wrapping up its four-day run from the 15th, Nature Love Mere took part in the exhibition and showcased a variety of baby care products.

    Attending the exhibition, "Nature Love Mere" is the own brand of "Sumi," a company established in 2013, and has been gaining ground in the premium baby product market. The parent company "Sumi" is launching eco-friendly products, showcasing baby and female products along with its own brand Maromera specializing in women's products. Famous in the baby diaper market, "Nature Love Mere," which has been named the No. 1 consumer satisfaction index for five consecutive years, is showcasing products that reflect various needs for baby and baby products, and Maromera has hired singer Hong Jin-young as its advertising model.

    Nature Love Mere has introduced a wide range of products, ranging from baby tax for infants to diapers, and its diaper products have been renewed and released, drawing attention. The diaper products, which represent diapers that will protect the baby's skin in all seasons, are products of soft touch and ultra-slim sheets, featuring a variety of products, including original slim diapers and long night pants.

    "Nature Love Mere's diaper products, which are being launched with the main benefits of materials' eco-friendliness and airworthiness, are being developed through continuous development efforts to make them safer and more comfortable for children to visit," the official said. We offer diapers as well as a variety of products for child care, including detergents, breastfeeding, baby care products and wet tissue, so please pay close attention."

    Meanwhile, Befe Baby Fair, where "Nature Love Mere" participated, is an exhibition that offers one-stop experience of pregnant, maternity, childcare and education-related brands at home and abroad, followed by visits by many visitors with an exhibition theme reflecting the renewed child care trend every time. The event featured an exhibition under the theme of "Colorful Baby," which respects children's unique colors and personalities, reflecting the trend of finding child-rearing templates that can add speciality to my child.