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    title NATURE LOVE MERE, Named Consumer's 2019 Green Product of the Year
    date 2019-11-11

    The baby detergent of Nature Lovemelet, a baby product brand that cares about the environment, was finally selected as the 2019 Green Product of the Year by consumers.

    The "Green Product of the Year of the Republic of Korea" is a system under which Korea Green Purchasing Network, the country's leading NGO group, selects products that contributed to consumers' purchase of green products and expansion of green products through strict screening and evaluation. Green Purchasing Network, a civic group, is meaningful in that 24 consumer and environmental groups from 15 regions across the country and a total of 500 consumer panelists and consumer voting groups are participating to select green products and consumers will pick them themselves.

    Nature Lovemere has been working on a product that is considered natural since Changsai, and has made the product with a management concept that wants to present children with a better future and environment.

    A Nature Lovemere official said, "With a number of big business brands including Samsung Electronics Co. and LG participating, Nature Lovemere has stood shoulder to shoulder among large companies and mid-sized companies in recognition of its eco-friendliness in the infant detergent sector as recognized by experts and general consumers."

    "In the future, we will continue to research and develop green products as a representative infant product brand in Korea, and we will not neglect our efforts to gain more recognition from consumers," said Nature Lovemelet, a marketing officer.