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    title Happy Birthday to your daughter.Donate 10 million won worth of baby products.
    date 2019-05-29

    The TV network Ham So-won and Jinhae couple added warmth with meaningful donations to celebrate their daughter's 100th day.


    According to an official from Ham So-won's office on Monday, Ham So-won's husband and his wife said on Friday.


    She donated 10 million won worth of baby products, including diapers, wipes, baby laundry detergent, toys and sterilizers, to Aurum, a women's happiness facility.


    The couple came out to celebrate the 100th day of their daughter Hye-jung's death. "We're prepared to help our children grow up healthy," the couple said.



    The couple are gaining wide popularity by appearing on TV Chosun's entertainment show "The Taste of the Wife." In particular, she made public the birth process on December 18 last year, and received a lot of congratulations.



    Meanwhile, Ham So-won and his wife recently launched "evolution TV" on YouTube and took a step forward as creators.