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    title NATURE LOVE MERE, a brand specializing in diapers
    date 2019-05-29

    [HANCIS: Lee Hyun-joo, a reporter for Su-mi, received the top prize in the infant product category at the "2019 Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index" award held on January 15 at the Rivera Hotel in Seoul.



    The six-year-old award-winning "NATURE LOVE MERE" is a brand specializing in eco-friendly baby products that studies nature and conducts in-house eco-friendly campaigns. In particular, the diapers of NATURE LOVE MERE use corn film, a biodegradable raw material, and bamboo non-woven fabric for easy decomposition in nature. This product reduces skin irritation and even considers environment after use.



    All products of NATURE LOVE MERE pass various safety certifications and tests, immediately reflect customer feedback on the product, communicate with consumers and provide customer-centered services. It also shares the love it has received from customers through various donations and volunteer work with various organizations, including the Holt Children's Welfare Association, the Dongbang Social Welfare Association's single mother facility and the Korean Association for Children's Difficulties.



    "We are honored to receive awards for six years in a row," a NATURE LOVE MERE official said. "We will first consider customer satisfaction by producing eco-friendly products with a mindset that our children will use instead of just producing products."